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A review of Lacey London's book Anxiety Girl

The first book of a trilogy Anxiety Girl by Lacey London
Introduces the first character, Sadie Valentine, as a bubbly young artist.  Sadie is established and shares an apartment with her best friend, Aldo Christine Taylor. Her mother purchased a luxury apartment in Alderley Edge for her 21st birthday. Sadie's relationship with her mother has never been a favorable one. Sadie’s mother has is disappointed with Sadie's career choice and is often distant and unsupportive.

Sadie’s fiancee, Spencer Carter, soon reveals to her he is not ready to commit to a long-term relationship. Devastated by this news and feeling blindsided Sadie’s life unravels. Faced with many unfortunate events. She feels different about herself. She experiences new emotions and is unsure if she is sick or dying; she finds herself in uncharted waters. Very hesitant and uncertain whether she will get through this very challenging time in her life is struggling with this illness.  Sadie's relationship with Al…