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A Short History of Significant American Recessions, Depressions and Panics: Why Conservative Economic Theory Does Not Work

A Short History of Significant American Recessions, Depressions, and Panics:
Why Conservative Economic Theory Does
Not Work by Scott Belford

AuthorHouse Publishing| January 11, 2019, |222 Pages| ASIN: B07MT57Y5S |

I got this book through @booktaster from the author.
Scott Belford analyzes the two economic models followed in America. The Austrian (Classical School) and the Keynesian Models are defined in great detail. What impact does the Austrian model have on our Country? What effect does the Keynesian model have on our Country? Does one model create more favorable results over the other? What other historical events impacted our economy? Understanding these two theories will also give voters additional insight needed to make a better-informed decision. Our elected leaders executed judgment and passed bills that produced lasting impacts on the economy. The economic impact of these decisions was not apparent until after our leaders left the office.

Twenty - five significant events are identified, analyzed and compared to show the correlation between the economic theory and the banking system that our federal government decides to use and how it may determine the stability or instability of our country. The state of our economy before each recession or depression are discussed in considerable detail. Six unique characteristics are identified, and the historical data will sufficiently reveal how they are directly related to each economic recession or depression.

I rated this book 4 out of 5 Stars. I gave it 4 stars because the book is very well written and organized nicely. The actual content is fantastic. The author has taken a very complex subject and written about it in a very easy to read and comprehensive format. The information is not overwhelming at all, which makes it a positive reading experience.

What I genuinely appreciated the most and found enjoyable to read was the meaningful way the factual information is presented. The book is thought-provoking and certainly a conversation starter. The data provided is organized by presidents and their term in office, which made it much easier to understand. The comprehensive summary provided after each chapter was excellent.

In my humble opinion, the charts and tables thoughtfully provided could have been presented better. I found it somewhat distracting. For me, if the maps were laid out in a more suitable format, it would give the book a more polished look. I kept looking at the chart that is on the front cover and just could not get a clear view of that chart.  I enjoy reviewing data, so I was disappointed by this. Unfortunately, I did detect a few typing errors; however, it did not change the reading experience.

I would strongly recommend this book to readers looking for a brief history and comparison notes that are specific to American recessions, economic depressions, and panics. Readers that express a particular interest in reading about the decisions made by our Presidents and how it impacted our financial system would fully appreciate this excellent book. This is a book that I will definitely refer to at a later time. I would enjoy examining this complex and controversial topic again.


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