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The 6th Anniversary Ahora Si Show Gala

Ahora Si has been the bridge for many community organizations to inform the listeners of their services, programs, and events. Additionally, talented youths are allowed to shine; especially, the ones that struggled and do not have the means to promote themselves in the music industry.

Ahora Si showbelieves in giving back, allow me to explain, 2 annual events are hosted in the community. First, Cenandoen Familia(dinner with families) and, secondly, Desayunadocon Santa(breakfast with Santa) with the support of our sponsorsover 500 families and homeless have been fed, and lives have been enriched by delivering a hot meal, providing entertainment, and givingover 1,000 toys to the less fortunate.

We are looking forward to increasing the air time by bringing more content and interactive shows through social media sites and website.

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