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Egg Rolls with a Latin Flare and more....

The last few days have been exciting.  At my place, it has been egg rolls galore.  I had never made an egg roll, so it did take me a few tries before I was able to make a decent roll finally.  I am going to confess I am in love with the Asian Market. There is an Asian Market close to where I live, and I had shopped there maybe once or twice in the last three years but never for egg roll wrappers, knoki mushrooms, napa cabbage, etc.  At first, the Asian Market can be a bit overwhelming, but when you allow yourself and take your time and look around, you will be surprised at what you find.  
Back to my egg rolls since the meat that I am using is a bit heavy when cooking this recipe, you cannot use thin spring roll wrappers they will fall apart.  I also tried the recipe below with Jasmine rice and meat mixed; it was delicious.  This recipe is not my "rollos de bistec con arroz" recipe, but if you can get this down, we are well on our way.

For the meat:
1lb of ground meat
10 - 1…

Fear of Being Just Ordinary Part 1

Over the weekendIhad plenty of time to think about mycookbook and feared that mycookbook would be just ordinary.I will strive to be extraordinary and let's see what happens. The last few weeksI have been thinking about egg rolls and how I can putmy Hispanic heritage twist on it. But I also desireit to be enticing.Iwantpeople to essentially make it.

And that is when I came up with "Rollos de Bistec Encebollado" (Puerto Rican steak with onion rolls). Hispanics like to cook their bistec(steak) a bit different.In a large bowl add the steak and season with adobo, pepper, salt and sazon.Cut a medium onion and a green pepper and add it to the steak and the last thing left to dois to add a little oil and vinegar.

Refrigerate and marinate for at least an hour.

In a frying pan add the bistec mix and one can of tomato sauce and one can of hot water.Bring to a quick boil and then cook over medium heat.

I typically enjoy my bistec with white rice, red beans, lettuce and tomato salad with…

Oh My, I Have Leftover “Pernil” (Roast Pork)

Haveyou gone to the local grocery store to pick up a piece of meat and when you got home youhad a largerpiece than what you needed? I have plenty of times and this time it was a pernil (roast pork).

Once you are home, rinse it, seasonit and letit marinate for a while and afterward youpopit in the oven and wait. It takes about 4 hours to cook, but I have to tell you that when it is done, it is well worth it.

My mouth is watering just writing about it. One of the challenges that I often experience is that if there are not a lot of people to help you enjoy it, you may end up with lots of leftovers. Most peoplemake the pernil on special occasions like birthdays, baby showers, Christmas, etc. But there aretimes that youjust have to haveit.

After I heartily enjoyed my scrumptious piece of pernilIcontemplated on what to do with the leftovers. And there you have it “Tripleta.” You may be asking yourself whatis a Tripleta. I can best describe the tripleta as a delicious sandwich almost like a Cub…

The Birth of My Very Own Cookbook

There naturally comes a proper time when you absolutely have to believe passionately in yourself and take that essential step towards attaining your key goals. The one thing that youneed to rememberis it is not a race.What matters is that youstart and work on whatyou want consistently. Know that one day you can look back and witness the results of all of your invested time.

As a resultI am in the middle of a few projects one of which to my joyful surprise recently fell on mylap. And while many people may not find it exciting Idiscover that it is rewarding.

As Ilaid in my luxurious bed one glorious morning mentally reciting what Ihad to do on that lovely day.IdiscoveredIwanted to eat "relleno de papa" or "potato balls."

I promptly started reciting in my active mind the essential ingredients.Ineedpotatoes, ground meat, eggs, and oil.I would needto boil the potatoes and as Ithought about itI knew how to make it without measuring the ingredients. Therefore, Idecided to go…